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Study Abroad    Study Abroad at the Institute of Tropical Studies,  is designed for university students who want a hands-on approach to the understanding of Middle America – its biology and ecology, its society and politics, its history and culture.  This program enables students to work directly with professors from Central America to examine on the ground the region's problems and riches from the local perspective.

   The 8-week Summer intensive program and the 16-week Fall and Spring semester programs have been developed to provide students with a round and solid background on the natural and social history and on current issues about  Middle America.  Formal classes are complemented by organized field work.  Every course from Anthropology to Biology is designed to include both a theoretical as well as a practical component where every subject matter reviewed in the classroom is observed and analyzed on the field. Working at Night

Study Abroad    The 8-week Summer session is taught in English, yet some knowlege of Spanish would come handy for the students, especially during field work.  The Summer session includes Spanish language courses.  Check below for course listing, per semester.  The Universidad del Pacfico Sur grants credits upon successful completion of every course.  The 16-week Semester long courses are taught entirely in Spanish.

   Our Study Abroad program costs covers room and board, tuition and fees, as well as all class related field trips.   The University of the South Pacific will provide an official grade sheet.   Current costs for Summer 2012: $3,240.00
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