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    One of the objetives of the Fundación ProSur is to support the development of higher education in the Zona Sur, and as part of that objective and mission, is to establish a quality-based university, particularly a Graduate School.   That is, an institution focused on a few disciplines and carried out by a selected group of professors committed to academia.   For further details (in Spanish) please click here.

The background of the project.

    The project to establish a first rank university in this part of the country, dates back to 1979.  At that time, Fritz Stargardter, general manager for Compañia Bananera de Costa Rica (a division of Chiquita Brands), offered the Univ. of Kansas several administrative buildings in Golfito, but this institution in turn suggested to be offered to University of Costa Rica.  The directors of the Instituto Estudios Tropicales served as liaison between all parties to get the donation.  Several years passed until the donation materialized, prompted by the general strike of 1984.  A couple years later, the Instituto Estudios Tropicales started operating in these facilities.
    Due to the fact that neither the Univ. of Kansas, nor the Univ. of Costa Rica showed any serious interest in getting involved in offering higher education to locals in Golfito, the directors and personnel of the Tropical Studies decided to take matters in their own hands and established the Fundacion Universidad de Golfito (now, Fundación ProSur).  The purpose of the Foundation was to establish a university, to support research, the conservation of natural resources, the promote local culture and the arts.   Thus, the university Sur project responds to one of the Foundation objectives.  Several academic programs are planned in the university project.


If you are interested in conducting field research in Southwestern Costa Rica, our field station might be the right place for you.  Check for details about it and contact us.
Golfito Field Station The Golfito Field Station

Three separate sites provide access to the Golfito Rain Forest.  The Golfito Field Station has laboratories, library and internet access.

More about conducting Research at the Golfito Field Station

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